The links on this page are of individuals who will to uplift, support and enrich you.

They work with doll making, healing, transformation and spirituality. I know these people on both a personal and professional level.

They are all  remarkable and inspirational in their own way and I hope you explore their work.

Meraki Dolls

Meraki Dolls is a group of inter-cultural art doll makers, each with their own unique way of making. On their website you can buy any of the dolls. from their artists.

The Healing Doll Way

Barb Knobe, healing doll practitioner and author of ‘The Healing Doll Way’, a guided process creating art dolls with self-discovery, awareness, and transformation.

Spirit Dolls Sacred Soul Creations

Louise Klein specialises in spirt dolls and teaches sacred art, Feng Shui, soul coaching and space clearing

Pamela Hastings

Pamela Hastings renowned fine art doll maker, author on dolls books, and a website for all aspects of doll making.

The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within is dedicated to creating an online International Friendship of people in their Third Age, those who want to live and share happiness.

Catherine Lucas

Catherine G Lucas has been using quantum leadership for over 15 years to shape her results. In her radical Masterclass she will guide you in how to apply it to your context.

NT by Nato Topuria

Sculpter and Handmade Toys Crafter

Kate’s Crafts

Handmade ceramic beads and buttons and textile design

Shimoda Accessories

Shimoda is a jewellery maker, author of Sacred Stitches, the art of caregiving, tips for stitching yourself together when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. The Harlem ascetic and adventure in artistry and culture.

Healing and Transformative Dolls

Website and Online Courses for Erica Cleveland, specialises in flip dolls.