I run  a series of 2.5 hour online workshops and a four week online course. These are all LIVE and run on Google MEETor ZOOM.

I run the workshops and course on a rolling basis throughout the year. I am in the UK, so I will do an early morning one and an evening one of the same workshop so that I cover as many time zones as possible.  Dates are advertised a year in advance. Please join my mailing list to be kept updated.

I used to run 6 week courses but found that sometimes participants could not attend all 6 classes and that they would then fall behind. I decided that it gave a greater freedom to do individual workshops and participants could then pick which ones interested them the most.

Each workshop is independent and will stand alone, however they are part of a series of workshops and if you complete all the workshops within each series you will have a comprehensive set of techniques and processes. 

There is 1 workshop and a course in the quilting series – Kwandi quilts  which is a 2.5 hour workshops and Fusion quilts the 4 week course where we make a full quilt. Full details can be found on the Fusion quilts page.

There are 7 workshops in the Figurative Textile series which covers dolls and soft sculpture. – One piece figure – multi piece figure – standing figure – pyramid figure – coil basket figure – faceless figure – gourd figure. Full details can be found on the Figurative textiles page.

Yes you can be put on the waiting list to ensure you have a place. Please email me or contact me through Facebook or Instagram.

I run a class with as few as 8 participants and never more than 18. Places tend to fill quickly.

Yes, no problem, I need a minimum of 6 participants, please email me for full details.

Yes in 2023 I am in the process of planning annual week long stitching holidays in Spain, Portugal, Greece, USA. Please join my mailing list for updates.

Yes a year long course is being planned for anyone wanting to dive deep into their own practice. Sign up to my newsletter for full details, when finalised.

Yes, The sewing circle will be every other week and will start in February 2023