Soul Art Dolls

Soul Art dolls

An soul art doll is a tangible figurative representation of self, expressed through textiles and stitch in a three dimensional form. A self portrait of the complexity of human nature from a mind, body and spirit perspective.

They embody aspects of self and represent an exploration of identity, authenticity and connection.

Through adhocism, mindfulness, stitch meditation, intuitive making and reusing of fabrics; the journey into making the doll emerges.

There is no planning, no design, no idea of the final piece, it is a journey with no set technique or methodology.

Creating intuitively with focused attention allows for deep level of awareness, where new things are noticed, the creative journey puts you in the present. You are sensitive to context and perspective. It is the essence of engagement.

Fabric holds a narrative, and reused and recycled fabric holds stories from the many people that have designed and made the fabric to the makers and users of the fabric in its many incarnations. These many layers of narrative feed into the story of the new piece and its new form.

The rhythm of the stitch, the tearing of the fabric, the sewing with the raw edges coupled with the texture and colour of threads, worked in an ad hoc process culminates in the emergence of the art doll.

The doll is embellished with beads and buttons and emerges as a powerful symbol of expression of subconscious and inner spirituality.