Heart Centred Reiki


Heart Centered Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy that is channelled through love and compassion.  It works on an individual’s emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of being. It flows from source for the greatest and highest good of the recipient; it is a simple, natural, and safe method of energy healing that everyone can benefit from.

I only do distance healing / connection Reiki and work in short sessions on a daily basis, rather than one long session a week. I am happy to do sessions for people and animals.

When working with animals as their guardian you have to trust the process.  I work from the “let animals lead” method.  I trust that the animal will receive the Reiki energy healing if they want and need it. An animal knows what he or she needs and we must trust the animal. Distance healing works well on animals and I work with them in exactly the same way I work with people.

At the initial consultation I will discuss your or your pet’s healing needs, so that I can focus on a specific aspect at each healing session. I will email you information on Connection Reiki and advice on how you or your pet can get the best from each session.

I am happy to do family sessions – for you and your pet (£10 extra per package).

We arrange a suitable time for both of us to complete the healing session.

I will complete the healing sessions at the same time each day for 15 – 20 minutes.

Healing Packages

Initial consultation: 30 minutes (Phone, Text, Email, webcam) FREE

  • 7 days of consecutive focused healing plus one to one contact on day 7 £45
  • 14 days of focused healing plus one to one contact on days 7 and 14 £85
  • 21 days of focused healing plus one to one contact on days 7, 14 and 21 £120
Daily contact is available after each session for greater support, please contact me for details and prices.

Reiki Box Packages

A Reiki Box is a simple way to send Reiki to multiple people and situations at a time. There is no one to one contact but that does not mean it is any less effective. I do the Reiki box healing at 7am every morning.

Please email me with:
Full name:
Location, Time zone:
Your intention / what you want help with:
You may upload a photograph of yourself if you wish.

  • 7 days: FREE

So that I can be a help to anyone who may not be ready or able to book a personalized session.

  • 14 days: £15
  • 21 days: £30
  • One full month: £45

Please email me for details and appointments



Distance Healing Dolls

Distance healing dolls are used in Reiki when a practitioner wants to send healing to someone who is unable to be present with the practitioner. The doll acts as a surrogate for the individual enabling a full healing session to take place.

These dolls are 40 inches tall and are made entirely by hand with natural fabrics from around the world.

The chakras are made from ceramic buttons or beads, each individually made by hand by a local ceramic artist.

I can also make a doll for you if you have fabrics that hold memories. Please send me the fabric and I will make the doll.


Complete doll in my fabrics: £150 plus postage

Complete doll in your fabric: £100 plus postage

Chakra dolls – A set of 7 dolls - £55 plus postage


These chakra dolls can be used during meditation when working on individual chakras. They come with either white bodies or solid colours made in felt. Each doll is 7.5 inches tall