The psychologist Carl Jung believed that our subconscious can be accessed through spontaneously / intuitively creating mandalas. A mandala is an image created in a circle that represents the wholeness of the self. Through drawing and paintings, of mandalas done by both his patients and himself ( CG Jung The red book) recognised the power of visual representation of the unconscious mind that can convey both past, present and even future events and experiences in life at the deepest level.

His research also led into an understanding through archetypes of a collective unconscious. He believed that we are all connected on a unconscious level through universal energy. Auragraph drawings are done through energy connection, and so I can do them wherever you are in the world.

I must be asked to do an auragraph image by the individual who wants it. Therefore If you want to gift an autograph I must speak to the person for who the auragraph is intended.

Once you have contacted me, we will have an initial contact of between 30 mins to an hour. Once we are both happy to proceed, I will give you details of when I can start and expected completion and post-date.

I will need payment at this stage.

During the process I will send you 2 digital images. An initial drawing and then the finished piece.

I will check if there is anything in particular you want me to concentrate on, a particular question maybe or if you just want a general reading. You can give me lots of information or none at all, it’s completely up to you.

A photograph of yourself or something personal to you will enable me to focus and connect to you through the universal energy and consciousness.

My auragraph mandalas are created in a number of different ways, each one is unique to the person who commissioned it. They can be representational, symbolic or abstract. I don’t give a reading into the meaning of the image. The images, colours and patterns are unique to the individual and it is important to me that I don’t put my individual representation on the image.

As I receive the images spontaneously and intuitively there are a few things that the recipient needs to consider:

* I always start with a circle, but the image may spill out of the circle, and even be extended into a square or rectangle. This is out of my control.

* I don’t know which is the top! This is an image personal to you.

When you receive the image place it somewhere where you can look at it at eye level from at least 2 metres away. Look at it for between 5 to 10 mins then turn it around. You will know which is the correct way as the images will suddenly appear and make sense to you.

I can complete aura mandalas for anyone, anywhere in the world. They take time and so am limited to how many I can complete in a month. 

  • Coloured pencil drawings are done on smooth watercolour paper and come in 2 sizes:
  • SMALL – will not be bigger than length – 24cm and width -16.5cm. £40 Postage in UK included. Postage to Europe £2.50. Postage to rest of world £4.50.
  • LARGE – will not be bigger Length 35cm and width 25cm. £55 Postage in UK included. Postage to Europe £5. Postage to rest of world £7.50
  • All auragraph are sent in protective envelopes.

The images are not mounted or framed. I feel that is your personal choice.

Auragraphs are on acid free paper but to prolong the life of your image, to avoid paper going yellow and pencils fading, keep out of direct sunlight. If you don’t want to frame your image, they can be laminated from protection.

Gentle blessings