visible hand stitching,
with fabric pieces,
as a process of construction & Decoration

As an MFA student I am researching the making of artists books, narrative quilts and soft sculpture, through visibly hand stitching pieces of cloth together.

My principle area of interest is how the stitching both makes and decorates at the same time, rather than making a piece of work and then decorating it with stitching.

I will be exploring the processes and philosophy of Siddi Kwandi quits from India, Borro stitching and repair from Japan and the more contemporary slow stitch that is often used as a mindful and contemplative process. Within these three areas I intend to explore the feminine and the role of family, ceremony  and traditions,  intuitive and improvisational process and design, recycling, upcycling and the hierarchy of materials. 

Through practice based research I will draw from these processes and philosophies to develop and explore my own work.  

My project which involve:

A book,

Online courses, 



Art is a way of recognising oneself

Louise Bourgeoise

Slow stitching means setting aside time to find myself, somewhere in the thread and spread myself out on a piece of fabric