visible hand stitching,
with pieced fabric,
as a process of construction & Decoration

In the last five years my work has solely involved sewing by hand using visible hand stitching, which culminate in both two and three dimensional pieces.

The personal practice and my courses / workshops bring together cross cultural techniques and process and incorporate them into present day work. The sustainability movement has brought a consciousness and appreciation of process and aesthetics within the traditional cultural and philisophical fundamentals of Indian Kwandi quilting and  Japanese Boro repair.

Similarly Western Slow stitching, a branch of the slow movement has resonated with the current need for an increases need is slowing down, contemplation and a non judgemental, non achievement led creativity.

 All incorporate reutilised fabrics which are layered in overlapping pieces.

The work is constructed and decorated at the same time with visible stitching using intuitive and improvisational processes. 

Through practice based research I will draw from these processes and philosophies to develop and explore my own work and set up both online and in person group courses.

I am a community artist and work in a variety of settings.


Art is a way of recognising oneself

Louise Bourgeoise

Slow stitching means setting aside time to find myself, somewhere in the thread and spread myself out on a piece of fabric