Embodied Stitch Artist
"enabling the expression of ideas and feelings in a tangable and visible Form through hand stitched constructed and decorated pieces"

In the last five years my work has solely involved sewing by hand using visible hand stitching, as a means of both construction and decoration. My creative process is a continuing narrative in exploration of personal identity. My studio practice involves both two and three dimensional pieces that overlap and weave together craft, fine art and utilitarianism. I am a maker of things, with my practice having at its core adhocism, upcycling, intuition, the slow movement, contemplation, a non judgemental, non achievement led creativity and the philosophy of the hand made – the perfection of imperfection.

My work includes:

  • Textile Books, using the process of Stitch Meditation.
  • Dolls and Soft sculpture, using a process of intuitive creative freedom.
  • Quilts, using a process that fuses together global cultural elements of non Western quilt making, with contemporary Western quilting philosophies.

My personal practice supports my courses and workshops incorporating hand stitching  as a starting point that give participants an extensive freedom to develop their own visual language. Each course covers a brief historical background, social contextualisation and a connection  – to self – to other participants and to global processes that have a relevance in the present.

Each course last 6 weeks and are taught online via zoom.


  • Embodied Stitch:  Looking at Indian Kwandi – a hand stitching method of constructing quilts and utilitarian pieces. Japanese Boro  – an ancient repair and decoration process and Western Slow stitch – a process of mindful meditation. Each process is  explored and developed into personal creativity.
  • Figurative Textiles: Dolls and soft sculpture. An indepth exploration of identity and personal narrative through the making of figurative three dimentional figures with textiles and materials related to textiles.
  • Quilts: Make  cultural fusion bed quilt that incorporates, Kwandi, Boro and / or  Journal quilts. An intuitive make as you go quilt that can be adapted and easily personalised depending on individual narrative.


As a practitioner / Facilitator I also work in a variety of  settings and am open to individual or group collaborations.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like me to do talks  / workshops / rereats or courses.

From 2022 I will be offering one to one Art coaching sessions and small group Masterclasses.

Art is a way of recognising oneself

Louise Bourgeoise